Stationery / Notebook Printing

School, academic, official, stationary, notebook, etc., leave a mark when they are flawlessly designed and printed. Despite the rise of many apps and online tools, the significance of stationery and notebooks won’t go away. It has stood the test of time.


No matter how advanced the technology becomes, it can’t undermine the significance of classic Stationery/ Notebook Printing. Our premium quality range of Laser Engraved Sleeves are ideal for Stationary/ Notebook Printing.

Flexible Packaging​

Flexible Packaging​

The majority of us have come across numerous items, and containers which are made up of flexible packaging materials, for example, Snacks, Pouches, Resealable Zipper Pouches, Stand-up Flexible Packaging, etc. Therefore, any packaging whose shape is flexible and can be readily changed.


With Laser Engraved Rubber Sleeves, enterprises can carry out incredible printing and leave a mark on users.

Aseptic Packaging​​

The F & B, food processing, and pharmaceutical industry among others require sterile packaging material to wrap and pack the material before releasing it in the public domain for the use of the general public. Since it is directly concerned with the health of the public, the sterile packaging material is a must. For example, Dairy Products, Pharmaceutical Items, Bottles, Cups, Pouches, Sachets, etc.


With Laser Engraved Rubber Sleeves, businesses carry out printing on sterile packaging material.  

Aseptic Packaging​​


Wallpapers are being used in residential apartments and buildings and corporate buildings and towers. Their dimensions and composition depend on use and objective. For example, commercial-grade wallpapers are classified depending on weight, composition, laminate, and coating.


Laser Engraved Rubber Sleeves are ideal to carry out flawless printing that grabs the attention of the customers.

Envelope Printing

Envelops add a personal touch to our mails, gifts, etc. A brilliant quality envelope that makes you stand out from the crowd. Our high-grade range of Laser Engraved Sleeves are ideal for envelope printing.


Envelopes are used for a wide range of purposes, including mails, gifts, awards, wrapping, etc. 

Envelope Printing

Tissue Printing​

Tissues have become an integral part of our lifestyle, especially urban. Companies use the medium to brand their services and products. Our innovative technology helps in creating excellent quality labels on tissue paper with appealing textures and designs.


Tissues are used for a wide range of purposes, including wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, functions, parties, etc. Our high-grade range of Laser Engraved Sleeves is ideal for Tissues.

Paper Cup Printing​

Paper cup printing requires a sophisticated machine and tools to deliver the message and provide a great experience to customers. With laser-engraved rubber sleeves, manufacturers are empowered to carry out paper cup printing that grabs attention and delivers a crystal clear message.


Different types of soft drink glasses, coffee cups, teacups, juices glasses, etc. get printed using sophisticated tools and machines.

Paper Cup Printing​