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Laser Engraved Elastomer Sleeves
Innovation-driven Laser Engraved Sleeves enable immaculate printing!
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Designed For Crystal Clear Print.
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Innovative Laser Engraved Sleeves facilitate in obtaining seamless printing!
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Welcome To PAL Printech LLP

PAL Printech is a leading organization based at Ahmedabad with expertise in manufacturing Laser Engraved Elastomer Sleeves to propound sterling printing alternative over conventional to the high quality Flexible Packaging. The excellence-driven range is suitable for Notebook Printing and Label Printing Industries among others.

Why use Laser Engraved Elastomer Sleeves:

  • Highly durable with excellent printing quality.
  • Smooth and quick mounting on the machine.
  • Seamless/Jointless Print Results.

Our Products

Laser Engraved Elastomer Sleeves

Elastomer sleeves are engraved in-the-round (ITR). It means that they are 100% distortion free. The innovative product is custom-made for a wide range of print solutions, thus making it an ideal solution for backgrounds and longer runs.


Since the extraordinary product uses quality-tested high-grade rubber compound and best-in-class laser engraving technology for manufacturing the Laser Engraved Sleeves, it helps in delivering optimal quality of printing.  

Laser Engraved Elastomer Sleeves
Direct Laser Engraved Elastomer Plates

Direct Laser Engraved Elastomer Plates

The innovation-driven Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate has numerous advantages over standard Polymer Plates. Premium quality plates are available in multiple thickness and are designed to provide consistent print results in various types of jobs, including Half Tones, Lines Jobs, Coating and Background.


The plate is engineered and designed to engrave at high resolution also as the thickness of these plates is uniform throughout the area.

Usage in

Types Of Application

Flexible Packaging​

Flexible Packaging​


Stationery / Notebook Printing​




Paper Cup Printing​


Tissue Printing​

Aseptic Packaging​​

Aseptic Packaging​​

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