Direct Laser Engraved Elastomer Plates

Direct Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate

The innovation-driven Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate has numerous advantages over standard Polymer Plates. Premium quality plates are available in multiple thickness and are designed to provide consistent print results in various types of jobs, including Half Tones, Lines Jobs, Coating and Background. The plate is engineered and designed to engrave at high resolution also as the thickness of these plates is uniform throughout the area.

Since the product is manufactured with the elastomer, it is resistant to solvents and inks. At the same time, it is durable. Additionally, swelling is substantially less in comparison to other products. While engraved with laser beams, the ink lay down function is excellent as well as consistent.

Benefits Of

Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate

Our innovation-driven product is ideally designed for use of OPV, Overcoats, Coatings, etc. as it is resistant to coatings. We are a quality focused company, quality is at the core of our business. It consistently reflects in our product range, including the Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate. A professionally qualified team looks into the quality parameters and help us deliver the excellence-driven product for our customers.
  • High & Homogeneous coating transfer
  • Handles water-based and UV coatings with equal ease
  • No swell with UV coatings (enables true reproduction
  • No delamination with UV coatings
  • High resistance to abrasion, long service life
  • Possible to engrave with high resolution
  • No tendency to pull out of fast clamps
  • No break at multiple bending
Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate
Laser Engraved Elastomer Plate


  • Dimension: 1170mm X 1650mm
  • Thickness: up to 3 mm
  • Compatible Substrate:         BOPP / Polyester/ Paper / Poly / Foil / PVC / MET PET