laser engraved elastomer sleeves India

Why laser engraved elastomer sleeves are preferred over polymer sleeves

This is going to be an informative blog for readers, especially those who are related to flexo printing, wherein laser engraved elastomer sleeves are used.
The high-end laser engraved sleeves India are manufactured by combining cutting-edge technology and innovative elastomers. Modern printing-centric elastomers are derived from a compound called EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). Do you have any idea about EPDM? EPDM is essentially a non-polar synthetic rubber compound that is extremely resistant to UV light and ozone.
laser engraved elastomer sleeves India
Ideal for flexographic printing
Elastomer has natural intrinsic polarity properties. As a result, it works considerably well with ketones, esters, and alcohols, which are known for polar properties and are by nature polar substances. Therefore, making it perfect for flexographic printing, not only with solvent-based but also with UV and water-based ink systems.
Complements well with current flexo ink system
Laser engraved elastomer sleeves India and engraved elastomer plates
It has been proved that EPDM-based printing forms don’t swell with current flexo ink systems, at the same time, is abrasion resistant, subsequently making them the perfect choice in a challenging printing environment, for example, plastic cup, tube and aluminum can printing, corrugated or nonwoven applications.
Over the years, innovative technology has further enhanced the quality of laser-engraved elastomer sleeves India, making it a preferred product for flexo printing over polymer sleeves.
Let’s now shift our focus to the core subject of the blog.
Why do flexo printing manufacturers prefer laser engraved elastomer sleeves over polymer sleeves?
Cost challenges
Advancement in manufacturing processes and rising demand for quality printing are enhancing the supply and production of laser engraved sleeves. As a result, costing is reduced consistently.
Prints two to four times longer than polymer sleeves
This is another enormous benefit of using the product. By using this product, flexo printing companies can print two to four times longer than polymer sleeves. Subsequently, it reduces the continuous requirement for engraved elastomer plates during the bulk printing job.
Save precious time
Continued use of polymer sleeves requires multiple cleanings and press cylinder mountings, leading to increased production and operation cost. Whereas installing the modern printing sleeves, cuts down many cleanings and press cylinder mountings costs, helping the company to save cost and predictability in the long run. This thing can’t be imagined with polymer sleeves.
Laser-engraved elastomer sleeves are thicker and more durable
Durability is one of the major features of this product. These sleeves are thicker and more durable. Durability empowers you to reduce production costs and multiply profit since the production unit doesn’t require continued replacement of laser engraved elastomer sleeves India, engraved elastomer plates. The product continues to deliver brilliant results as it has brilliant physical and mechanical properties for a longer period. These features can’t be compared with polymer sleeves.
Less maintenance means less waste
A quality-driven product requires less maintenance, less maintenance means less waste. Therefore, the product becomes eco-friendly and sustainable, making it ideal for flexo printing.
No need to buy cushion adapters
You would be glad to learn, when you have decided to install quality-driven laser engraved elastomer sleeves India, you are cutting down the cost of expensive cushion adapters, since the product doesn’t require this product, and the necessity of replacing them in the future too reduces.
The picture is crystal clear now, why laser engraved elastomer sleeves India is consistently used in printing

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